By Aidas Sungaila

General Caloric information based on kcal escalation.

    You have to understand that without acknowledging the energy of foods which you consume, you have no chance in hell to lose any weight in a healthy way. Most of people who hate to count or some who live under the rock and don't use myfitnesspal or any other app, prefer to have tables and notes of kcal. So here, I've made one which hopefully will aid some of you.

Calorie - unit amount of heat required for heating 1 g of water per 1 degree Celsius at 1 atm. In the calories taken to measure the energy of the body when it is operating, and physical activity. In other words, the heat of our body - it's warm, which is developed by burned calories.

1 gram of protein – 4,1 kcal

1 gram of fat – 9,3 kcal

1 gram of carbohydrate – 3,75-4,1 kcal

 Product typeCalorie Value (kcal per 100 g)
seaweed, onion, lettuce, celery (green) less than 10
cabbage, radish, cucumber, lettuce, spinach mushrooms: boletus, russula, honey 10-20
zucchini, squash, pumpkin, pepper spring onions (pen) cranberry mushrooms: white, boletus, chanterelles
low-fat kefir,skim milk , low-fat yogurt, bean (pod), carrots, celery (root), fennel/dill, watermelon, cantaloupe plums, citrus, redcurrants, aspen 30-40
leeks, onions, parsley (greens, root) beets gooseberries, cherries, plums, pears, apples cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, black currants40-50
green peas grapes 70
fish, beef, veal, beef liver, broilers 2nd category low-fat cottage cheese, acidophilus, rosehips crude 80-150
skinny lamb, chickens 2nd category, broilers 1st category, turkey 2nd category eggs rye bread 150-200
Chicken 1st category, fat cottage cheese, cream and sour cream 20% fat, bread, raisins dried mushrooms 200-250
turkey 1st category, cheese, potato starch, Dried rose hips, dried apricots, prunes nuts 250-300
honey cereals and pasta peas, beans, soy and its products 300-350
pork, geese cheese, sour cream 40% fat sugar 350-400
 duck 500
butter, margarine 700-750
vegetable oil and melted butter 890-899