By Aidas Sungaila

Cheesecake to stuff your mouth with.

 Everyone, absolutely everyone has heard once in a while that you need to eat in moderation. But god dammit, a yummylicious cheesecake?.. 

     Imagine what a little bite you will have to take because of the fuckton of sugar and fat, otherwise it's extremely hard to fit it in a proportional meal and you will end up eating tuna and broccoli for the rest of the day. However, my friend Jean Paulo Manalastas with his cooking channel came to amazing solution. Not only its healthier than a casual cheesecake but also fits perfectly for person needs on the diet. 

I introduce you... 


Supreme Protein Cheese CAKE!!! 
"Eat me now" says supreme protein cheesecake.


Supreme protein cheesecake: Ingredients.

"Now, before you turn into a "Nay sayer" please, understand that you will have to buy these ingredients ONCE and they will last for a damn while! So please, don't be lazy and care to get out of your comfort zone for a bit."

1 scoop casein protein powder Dymatize (or your own preferable brand)  

2 tbsp Greek yogurt & cream cheese blend  

1/2 packet unflavored gelatin

1/2 packet instant plain oatmeal

1/2 tbsp sugar free pancake syrup

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

1 packet nutritive sweetener

1 serving Polaner jelly (the jelly as "the peanutbutterjellytime" jelly.) 

Optional topping:

Fruit of your choice

Supreme protein cheesecake: Preparation

Time:  About 10 mins plus the 30 min refrigeration since it's a no-bake cake.

Supreme protein cheesecake: Macros

273 kcal/ 34g P/ 5g F/ 26g C/ 5g fiber

If you will be awesome badass and make this delicious cake! Make sure to contact Jean and me. We love errh... whats the word? FOooDies, or... Foodporn.. Yeah anyhow, share this awesomeness with your friends as well!