By Aidas Sungaila

1001 opinion on crossfit.

 I get tons of questions asked about xfit (crossfit aka crosshit)... When people could simply use a quick google search...
        The most common question would be, " What do you think about crossfit?"   I assume they ask me to compare it with bodybuilding   ( by which people mean hypertrophy routines)   and powerlifting *hurr durr strength routines*? Well there are workouts where people get sweaty (Zumba, cardio, some funky men health routines etc.) and we also have training, where people have goals to achieve. Crossfit is a workout, which leads to no goal and has tons of dangerous and useless exercises that makes you burn calories for which you could just be running on a treadmill without any danger to get injured

      However, thanks to  pussy weights that look like 100kg ea when in reality they are 10kg or less, graffiti with some semi jacked dude doing cool stun and   #swaggy   names on all sort of media. Gyms advertising and trending from big groups and franchise that supply them with overpriced products,   oh also let’s not forget scumbags that shifted from bodybuilding or powerlifting into crossfit and claimed to get that jacked thanks to it,   fucking charlatans . People got brain washed by all those sources and eventually get motivated to pick up a barbell and lift… They will not reach any significant goals at all. Even top crossfit stars do not do those idiotic workouts. Crossfit at least motivates people to lift, and feel like they will achieve something (because running casual powerlifting or hypertrophy routine is too much*sarcasm*)

     Unfortunately, I've seen tons of videos (which I regret for time loss) on how retarded crossfit is (on which I laughed hysterically) (wait so I don’t regret after all) .

       Let’s not forget that even after years powerlifters and bodybuilders may struggle with form of squat or deadlift when they do variations. Crossfitters do so many variations that there is no possible way even 50% of it was done with proper form (besides rest of those useless exercises they have made up). Any kind of training without proper form, turns into slow suicide especially with heavy weights. Not to mention that range of proper motion helps one to achieve muscle growth or functionality much better than wrong. It is nice that people at least going to gym. But it’s like quitting drinking alcohol and beginning to smoke crack

Shit like this is accepted by coaches! But wait it's get worse, corssfit can cause Rhabdomyolysi and ruin protein tissue that goes toxic on liver and kidneys.


     If you wish to pick xfit over casual weight lifting at gym to get in shape . I am sorry,   none of those will help you to get in shape . Get a great coach  first who is not full of shit   (to tell if coach is a shit, ask if he sells meal plans, if yes, than he's a cunt without knowing it himself)  or also, do a good research yourself, spend 2-3 hours a day for few months on reading material about lifting and nutrition.   (Not Men’s health or Mike Сhang horse shit) . After all you can even get at some shape doing crossfit   ( but but...wait Aidas, but didn’t you told us its utter shit?)   yeye, it is a shit, you got it right *kisses*. Guys on strength routines or hypertrophy routines just after a year look far better than most of xfit gurus. Yet, some greatest minds of bodybuilding and powerlifting has managed to put that chaos together and make something useful out of it. However, those workouts become mandatory to do in order to achieve goals, you will have to repeat them all the time and you will most likely get bored (because it would be just like any other strength/ hypertrophy program). Nevertheless, I find it funny that guys who done crossfit for 10 years barely outmatch those who done it for a year or less (depends on how obese / weak person was, but mainly obese). If we compare people who do powerlifting/bodybuilding for 10 years to those who done it for a year or even four years... Son… Difference is gigantic, and I am not talking about AAS, human genetic plateau does exist, but it does not stop.

      Let me just say like this, if powerlifting did not exist, Crossfit would look like amateur gymnastic mixed with kettle bells. I mean, nobody would care about those huge plates and bending bars only at 50kg of weight, it would look point less and stupid. Why not just make out of paper 10-meter Mountain and lift it? I mean, it is massive, right? As for functionality, you could as well do gymnastic instead and get actually far greater results. But crossfit is just another interval training  - HIIT excercise (the type of cardio), it was designed for years ago, just with xfit you most likely wont get any specific results .Seriously, xfit workouts make absolutely no sense IF your goal is to train for a specific athletic event or to gain muscle.  

    Even strength lifting and hypertrophy should be done with a correct routine based on persons level, if person comes and does random exercise, gains will come years late.  And remember, you don't have to jump off a cliff to understand that it's a bad idea, you don't have to stab yourself to understand it's a bad idea, you don't have to do a crossfit to understand that it is a bad idea.

Also one of my friends made a great comment: 

  "Functional fitness is like internal beauty. It could mean anything so it means nothing." - Colin Monks, which he borrowed from  Elgin Mones.