By Aidas Sungaila


Motivation which most guys neglect [Women].

No, this article wont be about guys lifting for female attention. That's the dumbest thing to do, in my opinion. But hey,who am I to judge? If your broken heart will provide you with gainz, keep on grinding anywayzZz...




Now, how is that motivational? If you haven't thought about it yet, Ill help you.

Look, I am too lazy to give all numbers to the last one and pick every minor aspect, so we go apesh#t on it.

1. Girls have 10x times less testosterone... some even have 20x times less.[1] Which gives guy bigger muscle mass, less body fat percentage and more calories to consume.

It's enough, I can stop right here. But, let's dig a bit more.

2. Women have periods, mood swings and insane food cravings may occur. Ever heard how you should leave wine at table and throw chocolate at women from distance during those times? Pretty much explains why it's harder for them ( getting pregnant is not an option).

3. It's harder due to water up and downs to adjust numbers. And when to adjust [2] , usually for men you can surely tell in two weeks tops if you need to change something. For women it can take up to four weeks.

4. (Debatable one, but FKeet). Girls are not men, if they do have fucked up face nothing will help them. Unless plastic surgery. For guys, no matter how ugly you are i.e. Arnold, with big bicep and stunning body more women will find you attractive. Despite your status. For women to keep their bodies in shape is not as hard as bringing it to that level as showed on top... Damn.

5. Okay if you don't fully agree on point 4 ( because pretty much it depends, everything depends), you can't disagree with point 5. and it's...

WOMEN HAVE TO DO MORE DAILY SH...STUFF. Literally, from waking up brushing hair, putting on some make up and other basic stuff, spend time picking right clothes etc. For guys it is times easier, we simply have to brush teeth, wash face, put random jeans and t-shirt on, done!

If you are serious lifter and don't take gym as a place for hangout/chatter with your dyel small weak alike you friends, then you probably know how it feels to wake up and not feel like even putting socks on or to moan, groan, howl like a dying bison when you bend over to pick something up? Well guess what mate, girls have to do more of that shit on a daily basis.


Now if a female can get to 12% bodyfat...

then guys simply have no damn excuse not to get to 12% bodyfat. AT ALL.  Or well, maybe you do. But these girls have far more excuses and they are in better shape than vast majority who are dieting. We men have everything to achieve that 12% b.f. range.

All what you have to do is to eat less and lift. So, start lifting and stop complaining.

Every guy who lifts will agree on that.
As a proof, here is a conversation between me and guy who lifted for last decade.

Written by Sungaila Aidas


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