By Aidas Sungaila

Motivation, does it really work?

Motivation, probably the most hated word by every serious athlete. You hear it on every corner . So let's say you got motivated, how far will you get on that? Will it lead you to your goals? Possibly, but most likely it won't work and you will end up at same spot. Instead of wasting your time on youtube in search for motivation, watch Simpsons in search of luls. I bet that positive vibe will do much more for you.

Ill just break this article in following:

  1. Experience > Knowledge. Or the main reason why you fail.
  2. Inspiration and motivation.

   Experience is far more valuable than impractical knowledge. Plus as often, people do know and learn a lot or sometimes even more than enough to achieve their goal, but instead of acting they are waiting.
    There is a difference from which perspective person is coming from, but most of the time thus becomes cynical. Just like most of Instagram or Facebook motivational or meme pictures.  Most of those pictures seem retarded to serious athletes (stats over average).  Nobody ever have seen an inspirational picture or video, which has suddenly changed his life upside down. 

    Even now when I count macros and know how to measure them, I basically am doing same thing which I've figured out prior IIFYM. I extract mostly carbs and a small % of proteins and fats. Plus I learned how to enjoy fiber and micro nutrient rich foods which is a huge plus. 

Inspiration and Motivation should actually be broken up into 3x. 

  • Long term motivation aka Inspiration, a spiritual part of you, something that you do for future not for here and now. Mainly you have to take focus off yourself and focus on future you or people around you.  Con: Hard to stay on it. May suck up in hippy and self improvement/nerd stuff and forget about reality- day to day life.
  • Short term motivation which can come from two different sources. Anger/sympathy for yourself. This is most powerful starter / kicker. For example, When you get dumped by a person and suddenly you get that spark, which makes you want to turn your life upside down. Get a gym membership, library membership start charity for kids with progeria and so on.  
        But the worst part that it can create a bad habit, such as eating junk food for that second pleasure which is craving by our biological wish.
      Day to day life, practical concerns.
      It can be anything, from learning how to work easier/faster to useless       stuff that we don't care about.It goes also on self image and                       improving yourself.

      Cons: Short. Can even last less than 15 seconds. 

     You should find a way to make all them work for same goal
     then and only then you will manage to succeed at most of your goals.