By Aidas Sungaila


Alright, when experienced lifter eats a cake, he will be fine,  that is true. Eventually he will burn those calories or starve it with a diet. But you have to understand that resistance training folks have completely different requirements compared to non-lifting sedentary people.

    Anyhow, wrong message is being send to rookies, they think it's all just a joke they think they can do so as well. Technically they can, and moderation is actually a key yes, but beginners without experience, with thumb ruling can fuck themselves up badly, gain weight and lose will power to continue with fitness or what so ever they were doing. And the main reason behind it, that rookies and sometimes even experienced calorie counters aren't that good at guessing nutritional profile and calories of certain foods. In fact numerous studies have shown that people who try to lose weight tend to under estimate calories in favor of weight gain and those who try to add mass, tend to over estimate how much they consume. Personally, I know a dozen of people who had an "eat in moderation" mentality til they got/getting fat as they had no clue where is the moderation sits, Baggins. *sight*  

Usually we witness this, person is clueless regarding nutrition not knowing his own caloric intake and maintenance tells another person B to eat in moderation who is also unaware. They   THINK   they know what they are talking about, they think they eat in moderation. But in fact they both are  fucked.... Fucked. Fucked. Fucked. I guarantee you now days people consume way more fat and sugar than they should. 

    For example cookies aren't that big of a deal. However few cookies contain lots of fat. After eating few of them, nobody is going to eat low fat for the rest of the day, so fat from meat, dairy or something else is going to add on. Now. technically not a big of a deal to have healthy fat for most, however if fat to protein will have bad ratio, there can occur a problem with protein capsules in which blood lipids are being held til arrival. Besides that fat is stored easier compared to carbohydrates or protein. Usually our friend Brotein will keep you fuller for a longer period of time. This explains why athletes or coaches, prefer to adjust percentage of kcal in favor of brotein during diet phase. 
     So at the end of the day we have protein taking smallest part of our calories the biggest would go to fat and the second would be carbohydrates.

 "...Later they call us "diet freaks", and that eating  meat, dairy,

 vegetables and fruits equals to not eating in moderation.

Madness you say? DIET!"

    In fact, even scientist aren't sure (or well, they disagree a lot) what moderation should be in protein, fat and carbohydrates compared to body ratio. They can thumb rule and there is always new ideas.   For example, fat should be around 20-35%[2] of total caloric intake, that's a huge difference right there. 

     Honestly, It doesn't matter how one is going to count his calories and 

macros ( short for macro-nutrients, i.e. fat, carbohydrates, proteins and alcohol), as long as person sets up his maintenance which he will follow up. Still, counting calories does more harm than good for our mental health.
Yes, appetite won't always point on the most healthy pick, and yes today food, industries push hard on saturated fats and sugars, but can we blame them? I mean home made things don't have less fat or sugars. So sugar and fat is barely a problem, but who to blame? MODERATION! (before I read you a moral, sugars can not be addictive, it's not a cocaine [1].) You see, desserts before were to be consumed after dinner, now days for some donuts is main food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Of course appetite will absolutely show on required ingredient when your organism will be in need of essential minerals or vitamins. Ever had urge to munch something weird? Yes you did.  

So from what was said, picking healthier options  and waiting for winds of appetite to blow your sails of cravings to the right island is the wisest thing to do.  ( I mean, just eat healthy for 80%+ of a time)
p.s. by "healthy" I mean  those boring whole foods from food pyramid. 

Or... Pick a diet if you want to lose weight.

Moving forward to dieting, there is a wide range to pick from. So, what should you choose?  

     Well, Pikachu diet isn't invented yet, no worries, I'm onto it! Meanwhile... You can pick any of diet which make sense to you, stick to it. I.E. WATERMELON, BUDDHIST,  COOKIE DIET, ATKINS DIET, etc. etc. And as you already have guessed, each and every diet has it own moderation/goals to hit. 

 But the main thing to understand about diet is you have to starve,   it won't be fun at all. You will hate it, and I couldn't agree more or say it better than this brave man did:


    Now, when we went though all that. Saying to someone on a diet: "Don't worry, eat this cookie! You have to eat in moderation Sam." When  Sam clearly told you to fuck off with that cookie because he's on a diet = NOT COOL Not only because you come off like annoying prick, no. It's also because you set yourself of as a fool. Why? 


Therefore, if you don't know what macros of cookie are, what his macros are and how many are left... Well, than you have no business telling him about moderation. Amen.