By Aidas Sungaila


How to start.

[applies on higher level than bodyrecomposition].


    Okay, for a minute stop being caring loving human being and think about yourself, turn your ego for once and think rationally about situation around the world... Time runs fast, and finding out what will work for everyone is hard and sucky job. 

Find out what works for you! 

(for people without smarts: do what goes in hand with your goals and what you find enjoyable!)

Jeez, every damn mentor is saying same shit and we are simply too dumb and ignorant to follow it up! WESUCK! Just do what is right for you, your intuition is the main power you have,and even Bill Gates listens to it 99% of time, think how could he keep up withall his shit back in the days? He is still a human being just like you and mewith same limits, so yeah here you have it. Do what works for you, idc what itis, as long as you provide to the world, you are complete.      

That's it, I can stop right there.

You can ask, was it hard for me? Idk man, do you think playing video games is hard? Well this was like video game for me. Wake up and be exited to make some GAINS! 

Feel free to like, share and comment.   If someone is intersted in my recommended supp stack, let me know and I'll make video &/or article on it.  So just ask, and if you are willing to do research on your own visit:   or 

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