By Aidas Sungaila

Cheap fat loss from home? Here you go!

Look at the first Papua New Guineans who migrated to the island over 45000 years ago. They had a pretty intense life and I doubt they could always eat up with their maintenance, usually it was under. So them, plus pandas and elephants are great example that eating clean doesn't mean a thing for a weight loss.

Cheap fat loss from home. (So yes, I’ve decided to play stupid and explain how things work, since it’s really hard to get anywhere when you believe that EVEYRONE is trying to fool you! Besides of those companies who sell you fancy tubs with pills and powders). Too many stories when obese people struggle with these simple things:

  • Starting
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercise
  • Fat loss (bonus: extreme fat loss in the end)

What do you say If I break them down for you? But you own me an opinion!

These people deserve all respect, they despite mockery and go out to get shit done.

Starting is simple. You just find one thing and stick to it. No matter how small it is you just kill it and become fan of it, best thing to do is to start eating more vegetables or drink more green tea/ use less sugar. Those small things might sound ridiculous, but try to follow them at least for 3x weeks, and I swear on my twins that you will get used to it and going to be up for new goals of body transformation.

Eating healthy - well if you have followed what I have wrote on Starting, you could be sure it will not be a problem. In addition, it is cheaper to eat healthier. However, even if you love pizza, it’s still a question of a Calorie. If you eat 1 medium pizza a day and drink it with some diet soda, I doubt you will gain any weight. Try to have beverages sugar free for most (there is no data on aspartame causing cancer btw). At the end, you do not have to eat healthy at all! Just do not over eat.

Exercise - at end of this article I am going to talk about extreme fat loss, and explain why it’s a waste of time to do weight lifting in addition to diet for obese person. Well ideally weights should be used to preserve mass and other metabolic benefits but due to psychological issues obese clients wont always do this.

If you were scrolling it's a good time to start reading!

Fat loss – for most, It’s all about calorie. Use either mobile app to track your daily calorie intake or use a pencil method to note your daily kcal intake, aka what you've eaten. Unless you wish to go old school way, by which I mean eat same thing for days. Just remember to subtract from your total kcal intake regardless of which way you decided to do it. Should be carbs (rice, potato, sugar etc) and fats (olive oil, mayo, cheese etc) subtracted and remember to keep protein on top without changes for most of the time. To know when to subtract you have to step on a scale once at the end of a week (after casual morning ritual in a bathroom). So if you are obese fat person, don't even bother about weight lifting, you will not profit much from that and don't try to fool anyone, you HATE IT! Casual cardio and diet should be in check and that's enough! And here is why…

"Now I will talk about a bit dangerous topic «RAPID FAT LOSS» on which I have read from Lyle Mc Donald web."

 Can a Rapid Fat Loss protocol work for an individual who is significantly overweight, with approximately 35 percent body fat? Can a person in this situation use this fat loss approach with cardio and no weight training?

 In short, it is possible to use a Rapid Fat Loss protocol with a bit of cardio-based exercise and no weight training. That is because your body virtually always loses fat before you lose muscle. Therefore, the higher your body fat percentage, the less likely you are to lose muscle. The opposite is also true: a lean individual is more likely to lose muscle because this person's body doesn't have fat reserves. This means that an overweight individual doesn't need to focus as much on weight training because they are less apt to lose muscle mass. So focusing on cardio can, in fact, work with a plan to supercharge your fat loss! However, my good friend told me that using cardio on alike method; Protein Sparing Modified Fast it is NO BUENO (not good)! Also if you’ve read on a book you would know that it’s worse than war time military regime. You have to follow diet exactly how it’s written and take everything that it says, don’t miss anything, because if you do it will be very big NO BUENO! 

    After all, if you failed at getting through casual fat loss process, than you should not be practicing extreme fat loss either, you will fail horribly at it. Once again, do not try those fat loss shakes/meals, if you are not familiar with regular fat loss form, you will end up losing water for most and being in a bigger deficit plus most likely gaining even more FAT!

P.S. drugs wont help as well. They ONLY work when you are at caloric deficit. So, don't waste your health and money on something what won't do a thing.

One of my best clients up there, dieting on crackers. Good job man!