By Aidas Sungaila

Annoying ass eating of peace.

by Aidas Sungaila

“Firstly, for all patience fewer ones (tl;dr): mixing up two things in one aka being ****ing GENIUS! Also article is for rookies, so if you are one, you came to the right neighborhood my friend, but pardon me for I won't go deep in details.”

Everyone who tracks calories knows. That IIFYM can be a real drag when it comes to spending time on cooking or tracking macros,
sometimes even stressful to think about, micros, macros, fiber and last but not least water. But hey, I’ll let you know obvious and basic stuff that people somehow forget and neglect. Also many of you claim
that broplans are for “stupid” and meal preparations are for elite athletes only. Well, is that so? Hell no, except bros-plans, most of them are retarded. Here is why:

 First, let’s check out both in particular.Old school meal plans-famous by bro-coaches making their clients eat tasteless foods such as: chicken breast, broccoli, rice cakes and fish. So, after poor beginner been suffering for few months, a placebo effect kicks in that he is slowly transforming into Zyzz when in fact they are most likely on same level or even lower if they would follow iifym. Well, listen I'm not bashing anyone here but I've talked often with people and it really depends on how often person or a coach does variations. And when people go up in weight and they continue eating same amount of calories for three months even tho they stopped gaining weight. Son... that's retarded. And what even more retarded is the amount of minerals that get washed down in the toilet. So not only are they getting scammed and brainwashed; but bros also throws out tons of nutrition. Also can happen that bros are not getting enough of micros(minerals, vitamins). For example, rice and chicken with cucumber have barely any minerals. But salmon which is rich in micronutrients, some how manage to get on bros nasty/dirty food list.

     Typical bro-logic: Bad foods make you fat. When I eat bad foods, I get fat.
    IIFYM’er response: Well, that's because they are more caloric dense. 

     Bro response: No, it’s because they are bad foods.

     IIFYM – note it stands for “If it fits your macros”, not “if it fits your mouth”. Lots of people seem to misunderstand the meaning of IIFYM. Mr. Jason Blaha explained correctly what it was for and how it was created. Basically, if you have a craving for ice cream, if you manage to fit it your macros after getting all fiber and micros in check, you are free to have it. But today a good amount of people use it just to eat crap and count macros on it. Usually those kind people don’t give a fudge about health and only care about big guns for summer, and they get those guns. Can’t blame them, been there, done that in the first wave of IIFYM. You know, it feels like being a gangster with a millions of dollars who just came out from jail and went straight to Vegas. Yet IIFYM is way more correct than a bro plan, if you do it right. It is probably the best way to get to your goals. It doesn't matter if by the end of day you are leaner, It only matters if at the end of your diet you are leaner. And now you can do it with joy of life and food that you love, even a family dinner would not be a big problem because people around you wont think anymore that you suffer from some sort of eating disorder.

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Good boy Kane, eating clean.(not clen)  

    Once again, I’m not blindly taking this information out of air. Since I was a kid my father and lots of his friends were so called buff and jacked. They been drinking beer with salted fish and had no problem with fast foods or a sweet home made dinner. I know tons of guys who got great results simply by lifting heavy shit and eating tons of donuts, spaghetti and drinking it up with coke or Capri sun, no pun intended. Of course they had low body fat. But cmon', they hated fruits and vegetables, not to mention that pizzas were the main source for their vitamins.

     But there is a reason why bros hate on IIFYM, their usual response is (Oh, so IIFYM its an excuse to eat shit). Bros refuse to calm down and think rationally, that for years what they were told was though science, in fact is wrong and they were mislead big time. Coaches simply lose their job if they agree. Since it’s not only a hobby it’s an industry. I've seen tons of retarded plans that people are buying for 40-70$, some even sell those for 200-400$. What the hell, was I using those on my own! Oh boy, it took me some balls to switch my believe system. And even now I see that it is not so easy to learn the actual facts, plus it is time consuming and nobody will pat you on the shoulder; people will hate you pretty hard; cries in the pillow.

     But enough of that, let’s see what I got for you.If you wan’t to have micros in check and eat delish. You should plan it from beginning. I know, It sounds hard, but in fact it’s not. Imagine yourself instead of pulling out one chicken breast and one rice pack five times a day followed by cooking ritual. You pull 5x chicken breasts and beef steak, season them, and throw them in the damn oven. Meanwhile it gets cooked in oven, you can steam some rice and cook potatoes. Finish this masterpiece by making yourself a fresh veggie salad which takes max 5 minutes. And of course, as usually you count macros before doing all the cooking. Simple isn't it? Congrats, you have control of your daily food intake, spared time and yourself from mindfuck and worrying. Plus you have most likely spared place for that nice piece of berry pie with cacao. It was just an example, now you will be eating like a real human being. 

     The one and only minus of this whole thing. Is that you have to be in a good mood either in the morning or in the evening. Cooking is a skill, if you are in a bad mood, most likely you will prepare not so tasty meals. Well, by the end it’s up to you, if you want to spare your time or not. But I strongly recommend counting macros upfront. 

     So, are there any excuses of not doing prep meal in iifym way? Yes, first you can hire maid to cook for you, seven times a day. Secondly, you do not give a shit about calories and macros aka do you even lift; (DYEL) mode or the best one is being a wizard; it is all up to you.

Special Thanks to Russell Taylor, Tiago Vasconcelos Faleiro and Kyle Gruarin.