By Aidas Sungaila

HELLO! So you wonder what is barbfitness about?

Well it's about awesomeness. I just share badass stuff I find interesting or helpful for newbies and others.

I simply love doing it, therefore it's more of a hobby but same time job and a toddler who I have to take care of.

I am here to lead you. I can scan with my eyes stuff like a gunslinging Clint Eastwood and give simultaneously short, simply understandable answer. Well, that was really humble of me, compare to what I regularly post on my blog or any other social media...

My website is based on fitness and lots practical and psychological bases, I tend to know how it feels when one is overweight and seeks to get rid of all that fat. I will not lie to you but if your mindset is not open I can not help you, that's not longer a personal question but a frequency difference. You see, it's like radio, you have to get on the right channel first, but since you came this far I think you are ready. But remember that everyone has to start somewhere.

There is not one person out there that I don't want to help! Especially when I know how it feels to be left alone on your own. Here in Norway I could not find any professional to help me out, therefore I had to help myself on my own using interwebz for research.

That happened right after I got fed up with my pathetic situation of being fat and mocked by everyone around, plus my idols all were jacked and masculine. I got hold of all books, internet articles, and talked with few best coaches of USA & GB that concerning health and fitness. I applied everything I've got from them, some so wrong others helpful. It all paid off and I got body that I wished for, unfortunately it will never be enough... 

Thank you for reading!

I do look forward to hearing awesome testimonies from you and feel free to inbox or follow me because it will be my joy to hear that you have taken a step in changing your lifestyle. Also feel free to send me bottle of wine, cigar or a private message saying "Aidas, you are one sexual beast" will do as well. Cheers!