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Strengthology; Guest post from a Badass "Adam Hamdan".

Aidas' note: Yeah, strength. The Least Important Segment of build muscle, according to some. Not me. I could write for days about this aspect that every gym newbie is neglecting. But not this time, I have a guest here Adam Hamdan who will explain to you guys "whats up". He is 17 ye old badass, who has applied to few power lifting meets and in general makes guys cry and ask themselves why do they even lift. *cough* me too *cough*

So I asked Adam basics. To share with us his story and to write his point of view regarding newbies at gym and common mistakes that they possess.

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Adam enters the room.

Well, since Aidas introduced me so well, I think I should just start with topic. I am very grateful that my friend told me about “Stronglifts5x5”. It is a full body program that has you doing the same 5 lifts, 3 days a week. For a beginner this is an amazing program. It has you doing the big compound lifts while adding weight to the bar every training session. Over the summer I completely blew up on this program since I was consistently eating a caloric surplus and on the first day of school kids were amazed at how much bigger I got.

   Doing a 5 day bros split is very inefficient if you are a natural lifter. Doing one body part a day is going to make your progress slow, and you will soon stall on your lifts and wonder why your body hasn’t changed. Do not make the mistake of having no program, or of doing a program written out by an IFBB pro or a program for an advanced lifter when you are a novice lifter.

Programming is one of the most important things for a natural lifter.

    So take some time to research and do it right. Eating is also VERY important. I started off 5’7 135lbs (173,75 cm 61kg) . I am now 5’7.5 and 200lbs(175,25 90kg). While doing the novice program “Stronglifts 5x5” I made sure to eat about 500 calories over maintenance, while getting enough protein (Gram per lb of body weight) in order to make this program work. I did this program for about 8-10 months. It worked for so long because I was constantly gaining weight which aided in being able to move more weight on the barbell. When you are “bulking” make sure you are eating consistently. 

    As in every single day you eat enough calories to promote growth and recovery. Just because one day you ate a whole pizza by yourself, doesn't mean the other days of the week should be spent not eating. Look at your caloric intake from a weekly standpoint if it helps. Also, as you put on more weight your maintenance will increase so you will have to eat more food as you gain weight. The caloric maintenance for the 150lb you is going to be lower than the new 170lb you because it requires more energy (calories) to sustain that body weight.   But there is no need to get fat. If you think you are gaining weight too quickly then it may be a lot of fat. So adjust your calories accordingly."


Here are two Adams transformations. On the left 2 and a half years difference. On the right,1st meet 16 ye/old, 375lbs], 5th meet 17ye/old 562lbs (unofficially).

Alright, Aidas is back. 

    I am here for a small scientific prattle but first let me tell you this, If you wish to gain muscle, you must progress with weight or term overload would be more relvant. What happens if you don't? Nothing. In fact most of people simply burn calories at gym. That's why great minds are telling you over and over again to grow in base, til you finally see that your Olympic bar bending from plates. I'd say, singles 150kg bp, 200kg dl and 170kg squat. Would mean that person is not a newbie anymore but again, depends to genetics and P-ration. 

    Let's talk "science" for a second (How much to lift and bone density/injury rates).  Each muscle group does not require 6-7 days of rest to fully recover from a training session. It is more around 24-48 hours. Muscle protein synthesis is only elevated about 36 hours post training here you can have a better look. Also over 3 main factors in training are specificity, overload and progression overload would be relevant to this. You have to impose demands on your body which it isn't used to in order for it to see a reason to adapt. It breaks down muscle tissue, there's an inflammatory response leading to a hormonal response, leading to transcription and translation of new proteins and cellular proliferation/differentiation occurs. Basically one of your body's means of increasing strength is increasing the cross-sectional area of muscle tissue.

Take a look at this, Injury rate is indeed at the bay! Yet, there are still lots of guys and gals that snap their back/shoulders and more during workout at gym, which doesn't get recorded. All due to lack of warm up and form for main part. But that's a whole different topic. 

Here you can read a study of bone mineral density (BMD) viewed in two women who have been working out for over 30 years.

Not only the risk of injury is much lower then in most of sports, but also bone density of weightlifters is superior compared to average person.

Final word would be; Natural bodybuilding and Powerlifting go hand in hand.   Don't get me wrong, everyone has different monster in a closet, some will gain less and some will gain more. But don't make problem out of nothing, keep grinding and hustling. Yes I'm talking about bad knees excuse and other bullshit such as, low rep being responsible for bad muscle growth and only good for strengths... Damn you meatheads.

Also a side note, you can't keep dreaming of others images as for a goal. You are yourself and nobody else, with your own problems, own prizes, yada yada yada... By all that I mean "genetics". Be thankful for what you have and work with it. As one youtube hippy would say, " be the strongest version of yourself."

Did you like this article? Was it too long? Too short? The fuck you think about guest posts? Please leave response in a comment box and if you know few bros newbies/meatheads who need to see this, make them! 

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