By Aidas Sungaila

Flexible dieters hate these people. 

    Alright, I won't go deep into details but let me put it like this. "If you look like shit and claim that tracking your macros purely of ice cream, cookies and greek yogurt is fine way to diet, than sincerely fuck you!" I thank my friend who encouraged me to write about this, here is link to his article. 

Now personally I have no issue with some junk in a diet, I prefer to consume once or twice per day some high calorie dense foods.

However, during diet there are two main parts which can be fixed with food, satiety and cravings. So okay, cool. You eat veggies and chicken breasts, some cottage cheese with fruits. Now you want some ice cream. And that’s fine to fit it in your macros, and you’re most likely to kill your cravings if it was a legit good ice cream.

     However, today in our "flexible diet" community, we have people who make us all look like diabetic 10 year old kids thanks to their daily Instagram/ Facebook uploads of junk food pics. Just take a look at this screen shot of a 130 lb chick, in her cart you can see 2:1 ratio of junk to healthy food options.

    Of course! She had to hashtag it with #IIFYM. Now, tell me how is she going to eat it all? Alright, let us compare a grown man who weights 210 lbs (me) to a 130 lbs women. I know that If I had to go down from 14% body fat to 12% it will be max 2x scoops of  bnj a day. Only if I wish to stay healthy and hit my micros.

Therefore I am safe to assume that she fed it all to someone else or just unloaded the cart.

    Now you see, that some people are legitimately leaving out the REAL information and process of iifym. These people like to leave out the fact they have to limit themselves by eating only a small portion of whats in her cart for a long period of time. Why?  They want to come across like they have "the secret". 

      I'm not going to publish names or say that IG account of this picture is guilty of this. But there is a good part of people who mislead their followers by hiding details about IIFYM. 


 Now, I'd like to end this with a quote from our IIFYM Godfather, Eric Koenrich. 

"Lets see, I eat protein bars, protein shakes, Egg beaters, chicken breast, and 3-6 servings of fruit and vegetables per day... And ice cream. At some point it became a contest to see who could eat like the biggest retard while still hitting their macros. "