By Aidas Sungaila

7 Awesome Fit-Shopping Tips 

1. For Those Who Likes Free Awesome Stuff

I mean, It's not even like you care if you don't really need it. It's just free, right? So...

These guys have awesome sales, last time I got 6x PROTEIN MILK SHAKES, I know it's luxury stuff but it's times better than whey. It's like rum for a pirate. All I had to do was to purchase on £20.


2. Die Hard Lifter Must Have


Since serfdom was canceled in    mid-19th century. There is nothing else left but to do things on your own, here take this stick go stick yourself. And trust my experience, it's awesome! 


The Thera Cane, with this stick not only you may reach nirvana but also fight off convicts since it looks a lot like Baton.


Here you can see me pimping it.


3. For Coffee Drinkers

Yes a Milk Frother.   This is by far my favorite tool, you can:

  •  Make coffee more awesome 
  •  Pretend it's a wand and try to cast a spell while you're waiting for water 
  •  Mix in some Caramel Whey in your coffee/tea. It's all up to you.

    So get this uber-cool gadget if you don't have it already, otherwise I don't want to know what the hell is wrong with you. 


4. The Future of Alphaness 

Yes, the most badass wrist bandComing Soon! Anytime, anywhere.  Forget smart watches, let's go back to real life full of action. 


5. The... Just watch video.

SHOULDERÖK™, I can't explain why but I need it and I want it. Badly... I mean, just after watching this video for the first time I've spin chair around my head and felt muscles about which I lost awareness. 


6. Himalayan Salt

I shit you not! It's awesome thing to have at house hold, this salt is time more tasty than table or sea salt. Defiantly try it out if you haven't.


7. Ahoy, captain! Do you even lift? 

Okay, I know it looks awesome and you want it badly, but I am not serious about selling them or making any money, but if this one will turn out to be badass as hell, I'll try to get discount from factory so you guys could get it cheaper.

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